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Текст, слова, перевод песни Undercode - Freedom

If you want to see the future
And how it will look like,
You'll see a giant black boot
Over the face of tomorrow's humankind.

Have you heard about the 'New World Order',
The secret plan of the worshippers of The Sun?
From the top they are forcing us to
Follow the will of the Fallen one.


Does someone rule all over my life,
Does someone have me under control,
Does someone talks to me what my needs are,
Does someone want to buy my soul?


There's an ache inside my heart,
An ache is tearing me apart,
There's a rage inside my soul,
Freedom is mine, forevermore.

Can you feel the touch of fingers?
How cold is the skin of an 'unseen hand'?
Global republic, a global prison,
Conspiracy against the God and man.

An angel holds the torch in his hand,
Showing the path that leads you to false light,
Money is god that turns you
To slavery of an upcoming "devil's mark"

"Every UPC barcode
Contains three hidden numbers,
Those numbers are:
Six, six, and six!"

Repeat chorus:

The mighty eagle is spreading his wings,
Conquering the moon and the Earth.
His arrows are bringing victory
For those who wait for the Lord Maitreya's birth.

So prepare yourselves for living
In one republic, under one government,
Forget your religious background,
Salute ancient gods who have to resurrect.

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