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Текст, слова, перевод песни Undercode - Enlightening the World

I can't believe what I see,
What's happening on the screen of MTV,
Another new boy band is rocking soft,
They are trying to pretend.

Fools are dancing on the strings
Of the boss of music industry.
From the tower comes a new command,
Kids are hungry for a new kind of trend.


Raise the flag - You know who you are!
Be yourself - You are born to be wild!
Raise your fist - Now it's time to see,
Heavy Metal gives you liberty!


Enlightening -
Listen to my words,
Enlightening -
Just listen and absorb,
Enlightening the world -
Yes, we have to do it,
Enlightening the world -
Yes I want it, yes I want it.

All for one and one for all,
We sold our souls to the gods of Rock and Roll.
Born to lose - live to win,
Let them read the message on your skin.

Run your motor down the road,
Rock hard until your speakers get to explode.
Running wild, running free,
In union we stand for all eternity.

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