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Текст, слова, перевод песни Plan B - Where Ya From


Where you from? / I’m from a place were the streets are filled with snakes that smile in your face as they plot to do wrong / where you from? I’m from a town where the mans will take you down if they see you making pounds and flashing it around like you the don / cos where I’m from? They don’t give a **** if you got talent / only got love for your bank balance / like give me the wong / that’s where I’m from? Don’t ever get it twisted / yeah I’m really, really from the ends now what the **** you want?

Verse 1

I’m walking down the street past the copper’s on the beat / past the shotter’s blotting weed clear for everyone to see / but no one gives a dee / coz this is everyday life / **** the police it’s a ghetto state of mind / but where I’m living I cant see no ghetto / this aint America, it’s England, where we live aint nothing special / you can take anywhere and call it a ghetto, same way you make cyanide same way you make amaretto / hip hop’s in the street now were all bussing echo / 50 cents on MTV now its cool to carry metal / objects now the object is to kill / how can you value life when your so close to death / stainless steel / how’s it make you feel / blud, holding that buckey / knowledge is power guns just make you feel lucky / its fuckry / the way these yout man like to go on / bussing shots in the crowd when there’s a show on, they’re just putting a show on / real gangsters stay underground like Non Fiction, they don’t fire blanks at yanks like when Nas played at Brixton / thrill seeking dickheads just doing it for kicks and / hear a next man speak their name from his lips and / give a guy props for licking shots from a gun like if they fired one at him the ******* prick wouldn’t run / its like they’re praising these yout’s for acting so dumb and its no excuse, most of us are fatherless sons.


Verse 2

Yo where you from? / are you really from the ends / well that depends on what the **** you mean by ends / if you south of the Thames, then na!, I aint from them ends / I’m from these ends they call it the east end my friend / and round here you gotta watch your back coz everyone’s bent / bare man who think there ruff just coz there shotting the peng / hating on plan b coz they know me as Ben / yout’s as young as 10 walking round thinking there men / they’re under the influence and I aint even talking bout drugs / I’m talking bout why the **** they’re walking like thugs / they’re in love with the idea of being a gangster / romantic idolisms producing hot jism like a wanker / what ever happened to good old fashioned street fighting like Blanca / Queensbury rules mate that’s how I vent anger / vent my anger / knock out your teeth / if you bring me beef / leave you looking like a chief.



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