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Текст, слова, перевод песни Matt Dusk - Feels Good

I used to think that I wouldn’t
Take that long to get it all figured out
Never asking why. I thought I knew
What the whole world was all about
I think I jumped the gun
Cause I can’t explain how I feel
I’m having so much fun, it’s hard to believe it’s for real

Here I go, talking in your ear
We’re just friends I know
Don’t you think that’s so last year?

Who cares if it don’t last forever. Feels good! Feels good!
Who know I say never say never. Feels good! Feels good!
No one knows what the future’s holding
Somehow! Somehow!
Hanging out with you and only you
It feels good to me right now

I thought I’d never find
Somebody who likes so many things I like
Always a step behind. To tell you the truth
The whole thing used to psych me out of my head
Some would say I’ve lost the plot, I offer this instead
I know you didn’t mean it but you hit the spot
There I go moving way too fast
I should know that good things were never meant to last

Repeat Chorus

Well if the clothes on your back go out of style
I feel good

And if my friends skip town for a while
I feel good

Well if all of your money gets stolen from the bank
I still feel good

And with the million dollar question and your mind goes blank
I still feel good

Repeat Chorus

It feels good, feels good to me right now!

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