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Текст, слова, перевод песни Kaizers Orchestra - Hevnervals

Avenger's Waltz

I've stared through bars for one year
I have chains between my legs when I walk
I'm the wrong man in the wrong place at the wrong time
There's no doubt, I'm ruled by fate

I was asked to take care of Rosalyn
At St. Peters Square one evening in Aberdeen
At one time it looked bright for the both of us
But the lamp ran out of kerosene

Cross your fingers and a cross around your neck
Fold your hands if you believe they have
More power than this waltz

Ask me again in 2 years
And you'll get a different answer
Because I said there were two men in this dance
But it depends on who saw

Revenge is sweet to those who wait
I know the names of those involved
Some of them have been informed
They are no longer my acquaintances

You see when lightning strikes
Get down on your knees, look towards the heaven and pray

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