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Текст, слова, перевод песни Hypnogaja - The Dawn

I’m smokin’ trees under the moonlight flight right into the sky
Now there’s no need to cry or wonder why
Fly into the heavens, I beckon to the angels to come down
Before the sun starts to hit the ground
’Round, ’round go the wheels in my head
I dread the light ’cause I fight
And I might end up dead
I said all that’s on my mental
The incidental turns into fate—wait
Can you tell me why, why do I hate?

Questions demand answers
But there’s no answers to my questions
Can you point me in the right direction?
Dark demands light, but there’s no light in my darkness
Can you show me how to spark this?
Death demands life, but my life is full of death
Can you tell me if I’m taking in my last breath?
On demands off, but there’s no off to my on
Can you tell me if it’s heaven or hell beyond the dawn?

What lies beyond the dawn
Is it enough to keep moving on
What lies beyond the dawn
Is it enough to keep moving on

I’m sittin’, spitten and rewritten
Fittin’ all thoughts into my mind speak
So I try to peep what’s unique
Weak mental, transcendental comes down around
Try to put some action to my words
But my verbs are gagged and bound
Sound trickles in my ear and round ripples of my fear
Tell me that we can see that yes, the dawn is near
Fear not the spot that awaits you in your fate
But what I really want to know is it love or is it hate?

I’m sippin’ water not coffee, comin’ off me is the vibe
To strive to stay alive and just ride the ride
Slide slid down the wall, and crawled down the well
Are you swell, or do you dwell inside a personal hell?
The time is coming, hear you running from the fate that comes
Do you feel every pain, or do you go out numb?
Succumb to the reality-mentality, don’t know right from wrong
The list goes on and on, just bring on the dawn

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