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Текст, слова, перевод песни Boston - Party

They were looking for a change of pace
oh we’re all waiting for better days

well the kids were acting like animals
and there were envious eyes in this big church hall

and tombstones in the cold take on new lives
this house it smells of smoke in the winter time

and you were calling me with a brand new voice
and so I scraped my knees when from this bed I rose

And you would destroy scraps of metal hearts
pieces and pieces it was a good start

the path to this house it rose it bent
we were never quite certain of what that meant

and the cemetery floor was strewn with leaves
and the body underneath them they fed the trees

and you will take in all the pictures of these winter days
but you won’t carry them to Massachusetts Bay

And in spite of the red coats we took a chance
Because none of this is real if we don’t take a stand
It’s a fragile earthly being that could break with a glance
But none of this is real if we don’t take a stand
And we swam to this ocean we took a leap
and far from these shores there is saltwater in my lungs
and we swam to this ocean we swam from home
there are no familiar faces on these foreign island shores

And we fell silent
and we felt the shame
our fingers they bent
and nothing will change

and we drowned in a bottle
as big as an ocean
it was all very subtle
it was all very strange

And I’ll follow up/ oh why follow up
and my heart beat beat beat
it will sing sing sing sing sing

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