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Текст, слова, перевод песни Blue Affair & Sasha Dith Feat Carlprit - Ты ушел и я одна

Ты ушё-о-о-о-л и я одна.
Моя жизнь без тебя -
Словно солнце без тепла.
Моя жизнь так пуста.

Ты ушел и я одна.
Без тебя моя жизнь -
Словно темная печаль.
Ты мой свет на земле.
Я люблю тебя навек.
Yeah, love, love from a puff-puff,
Shake you down, make you tough-tough.
Just wanna be with you, girl, all night long,
Show you the city 'cause you run this town,
Show you how I feel,
Then I gotta take you all for real,
Figure out. What's your desire?
'Cause you're my shinin' blues affair.
Lady, lady, don't say "maybe".
Come on, girl, you've got me misbehaving.
Slave to the rhythm and your lips are craving.
Come on, girl, don't keep me waiting.
Three go clack and your time is running,
Two of a kind and you look so stunnin'.
One more chance and I need you know
Before the club discuss disco!


Yeah, now I can tell what I look in your eyes,
She gotta look of a cook in your eyes,
She donna steal my heart with her eyes,
Some breakin' just to shake your break to the guys.
Then she does hide this chick in this club,
Then she got everything that they want
And took it everything that they need,
'Cause she bring every man to his knees.
Also fast so nasty,
Shorty so sasty, clasty, look like casty,
Nashty, funky, spunky,
Make me go mad to the monkey, clumpin', jumpin',
Humpin' as jumpin' everytime the beat drop,
Then she funky everytime the beat stop,
But that's cool 'cause the shorty not a she-hop,
But I still gonna make you pretty little feet drop.


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