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Текст, слова, перевод песни Bizarre - Gospel Weed Song

[ Chorus ]

i Wake Up Praising God Every Day,
i Wanna Smoke Some Weed And Roll Me The J,
thank You Jesus, (Thank You Jesus) Thank You Lord (Thank You Lord)
for Letting Me Live Another Day! Hey-Hey!

[ Verse 1 ]

nigga I'm High, Nigga You High,
let's Get High In The Motherfucking Sky,
watch The Butterflies, Hit The Wall,
and If You Feeling Down, Give Your Boy Your Call.
weed, It Takes Your Stress Away,
that's Why Bizarre Smoke 10 Blunts A Day.
it's Not That One Stinky, Inky Green Stuff
line It, Pass It And Take A Puff.
having A Bad Day, Stop By My House,
cause Most Like You I Got A Blunt In My Mouth.
but You See I'ma Relack Some Chill;
and If You Smoke Weed, That Shit I Got Some Deals.
what You Need Girl? A Fucking Refill?
a Fat-Back The Weed In Some Happy Meal?
no, Baby, I Don't Smoke "new Ports".
only Fat-Back The Weed In This Ass-Court.

[ Chorus ]

[ Verse 2 ]

sunday Morning, Bizarre Have Day,
blunt In My Mouth, Watching Dj Dre.
dangerous My, Just Like Cudio
only Church I Know, A Sleep-Dog Studio.
wide Out The Raps, Blowing In My Lap,
Bizarre Inc - Gospel Weed Song
lyrics from
rap Hennesy, Keep The Acid Tap.
i'm Glad, That I ?Don't Rude? Out South,
take Here My Keys, Be The Man In The House,
??? Mushrooms, And Yellow Starbus,
fat-Backs And Middles And Missing Jots,
kidding And Lap, Come On Jump Pants,
reg A Bottle Of Gin, Two And Your Freaky Friends
aww, Fuck It! Let's Go To See The Point,
bring Your Cell Alone, Shit, Kid At The Joint,
cause Rapping, It's A Four. Time's Up!
all I Wanna Smoke Weed And Praise God!

[ Chorus ] X 2

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