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Текст, слова, перевод песни Backflow - Good To Me

Talk now, I’m gonna talk about myself now
Been down to find my way and destination

I tried to say my name, I tried to figure it out
I tried to do my best, but you were always around
You'd push me down, ‘cause you,
You would know better what's good for me, good for me

(You’d push me down, ‘cause you,
yeah you were always so good to me, but no good for me)

Tell now, what's it all about to find love?
What's it all about to be free?
What's it all about if I can't get…
Get to find myself and be me

Let's try to make a conversation…
Seems now could be that perfect situation

I saw them people crying on the top of the hill
All the illusions die sometimes it’s all I can feel
I want to break myself to see
What’s ticking inside of me, what's good for me?

I talk about alienation, soul deformation
No way to go, no motivation

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