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Текст, слова, перевод песни Arsonists - Freestyle

[Intro: w/ scratching]
This is hip hop
At it's finest
At it's finest
The Snowgoons

[Verse: Freestyle]
Yeah you think you have us surrounded by circling the fortress
Only to discover previous enemies is corpses
Your armed forces will be forced to retreat and to surrender
Rendering you helpless and defenseless to Goons?
Pretenders perish at the thought of absolute devastation
Scripted for introduction recited in this proclamation
There's no mistakin' your identity even your friend or frenemy
Are foe you know an undefeated entity
When you see one you wanna be one but it's possible in this equation
Despite the six degrees of separation
Emancipate yourself from mental slavery we're bravery
Release the phantom and stop romancin' you blamin' me
I'm in control of my kingdom I king them if they can make it
To the other side of the checkerboard check my sword
Before you make any advances it's just a warning
I've cut many a men many mothers in mourning
Many father's are grieving denyin' and disbelievin'
Cryin' and collapsin' gasping at the news they receiving
I'm leavin' no room for error by breathin' you do me terror
Savin' the heads I sever and buildin' a whole new era
Now welcome to the special edition Kraftwerk expedition
Embark with us on this mission double-check ammunition
As it was written so it shall be done finally
Continue wishin' of salvation Snowgoons Dynasty

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