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Текст, слова, перевод песни A1 - Heaven By Your Side

1. You and I, cannot hide
The love we feel inside
The words we need to say
I feel that I
Have always walked alone
But now that you're here with me
There'll always be a place that I can go

Suddenly our destiny
Has started to unfold
When you're next to me
I can see the greatest story
Love has ever told
Now my life is blessed with
The love of an angel
How can it be true?
Somebody to keep the dream alive
The dream I found in you
I always thought that love would be
The strangest thing to me
But when we touch, I realise
That I found my place in heaven by your side

2. I could fly, when you smile
I'd walk a thousand miles to hear you
Call my name
Now that I have finally found the
one who will be there for me eternally
My everlasting sun

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